by Megan Wolf

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released May 10, 2013



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Megan Wolf Bellingham, Washington

Megan Wolf is a female mc/dancer/visual artist representing Bellingham, WA. Began rapping/writing poetry as an adolescent and networked through the Sunday Cypher starting in 2012. With a love for classic and underground hip hop, recording and an affinity for beats produced locally she lives inspired. ... more

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Track Name: Dinohood
Steal from the rich, to give to the poor. Breaking the law. Or did you just want more. Thank god for this century; Messing me up but loving the luxury, Loveless economy supple harmony, bubbly, partying, Charity is cool and im down with that, development made from the ligament Tasted hot cinnamon, dangerous and dissonant, Distance not permanent marker on the face of a fisherman, Laid in the entanglement, tangled by the element, Sturdy doors closed, clothes hang in the heat. Kids playing chase _ bare-footed in the street. My world is better than a Netflix movie
And ps3. Love the life that I’m given, everybody risen, rise to the occasion. Don’t be mistaken. Don’t be mistaken. (drum roll_)and the drum goes like that. Yep, yep, yep, yep.
Track Name: Love, Dad
me: Collections of things, Accumulate in Storage, Possessions, and Obsessions we, Stash it up and Hoard it. Select many belongings. Put value in the garbage. Sift through our photos of lost ones. The pain is worse. can’t recall vividly at all; the beauty Of our bond or the meaning in our talks. The wisdom when you spoke, But I member when our home broke, when I died of cancer. And we still need an answer. We Prayed for five years You’d be healed for reals. We kneeled and prayed you’d be healed for reals.

dad speakin to me: You know what? I survived. I’m alive in the sky and your apartment When you cry at night and no one hears. I’d wipe the tears from your eyes and remind you You’re half of me. my legacy. my greatest thing. My kid let’s sing. I can still recall the sting but you live it. grief is where you spin it, And Everybody in it. Could I, I would: call your mom, I really miss her, massage her on her shoulders, Through the phone I would kiss her. Thank her for her faith, thank her for our life, tell her she was right, that time we had a fight; I’d ask to talk to Cory Daniel.that son of a gun. My first and only son. My dearest one. I’m still here in his heart, I’m giving him strength everyday, Bless him everyday. Laughing, by the way. Don’t forget what I taught you. Work hard. Love people. Love God. Listen close. Talk slow. Don’t know what you’re role is? What kind of goal is it? You saw me fighting for life, Refusing to die, But I bid you good bye too soon, Don’t cry anymore, Listen what I say, Forget the way that I looked, Just remember how I prayed, Everything is o.k. Everything is o.k. I miss you too, I miss you too And I miss you a lot but I can’t be with you
Track Name: interluuude
Help Momma out in the hood as best as I can. The focus, foretold the bogus story that I sold you like a story that I owed you, to tell you the truth I see ya everynight speaking delight in my face, I’m not about to erase everything I’ve replaced, my imagination escaped from the skull that you crave. You want to eat the brain of a pig. Want to sell it to kids on the street, were you wearing a wig? Everybody want to be the best thing they ever seen.